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Shoulder: important spot for a massage

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in Massage techniques, Massage courses |

Are you stressed out or tense? A massage can work wonders on the other hand. The beauty of a partner massage: You can pamper you with each other. Shoulders and neck tense particularly easy when you sit a lot at work and have little or no at all movement. A massage helps to release tension and loosen tight muscles.

Strokes with very gentle pressure to both sides of the shoulder should girdle along. In the second step you massaged him with small circular movements. Sets the heel of your hand on the shoulder girdle and let the skin and the tissues vibrate by her back the palm of your hand on the spot quickly and easily to and fro.

images-4If you are trying to give a massage to the back, then check this out. Puts his hands between the shoulder blades and spread the massage oil with long flowing movements to the sides down. Works this up so the whole back down and back is covered. Then place his hands left and right of the spine and to drive down the back with your fingertips or knuckles to the lower back. Then you should keep massaging the sides with small kneading. Try to loosen her by making her the karate chop short fast knocking movements. It’s best to resolves a massage by her cross out the massed games slowly and hands resting briefly on them let. Counter tensions in shoulders help a professional Chi Massage! In this technique, the massage therapist holds the “patient” on the feet and swinging rhythmically back and forth, with the rest of the body gently resonates and the life energy (chi) can flow freely again. This massage type removes blockages, relieves headaches and counteracts tension and back problems. If you want to learn a lot of about massage choose massage courses london.

Check out the great face massage.


No fewer than 26 muscles in our face. The right massage techniques work wonderfully the removal of lymph fluid and toxins are simultaneously excited as a little face lift, because by the massage and relaxing.

Start hands in the middle of the chin and rub the massage oil or cream with gentle stroking movements. Works on you from chin cheeks to the forehead in front, always from the inside out. Do not forget your nose! Repeat the exercise two to three times.

Individual facial features of the massage by her between her thumb and index finger “jammed” and kneads, for example, on the chin and the eyebrows. Start middle and ring fingers on the forehead middle and let wander in small circular movements over the face.

SHIATSUCABEZA-267x200Individual points with very gentle pressure of the little finger stimulate, for example, the temples, the inner and outer angles of the eyes and the nose. For this, you are laying the fingertip massage on the point and repeat the gentle acupressure three times before you go to the next point. Finally, you make  with your fingertips gentle movements, while quickly tapping the face. The fingertips touch the skin only briefly. Imagine they would nimbly flit across the keys of a keyboard or a piano or organize a drumroll.